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Devdutta Maji

Devdutta Maji a businessman and an activist for Hindu Samaj is the former Vice President (2008-2018) of Hindu Samhati -- a NGO serving the Hindus. Apart from playing a crucial role in expanding the organization, laterally he led efforts to establish contacts with human rights activists globally.

The poor Hindu villagers of Eastern Bharat were suffering atrocities due to their Hindu faith especially the women who were subjected to rape and trauma and were the victims of Love Jihads. Even the Hindu girls were kidnapped and sold but got no justice due to the sway of Islamist. In this heartbroken situation Devdutta Maji was conducive to restore their confidence and fight for their humanitarian rights.

Where threats of Jihadist forced the poor Hindus to reside in West Bengal and Assam, Devdutta is hoping for the best with the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016. He with his co-activists had raised a helping hand to bolster up the poorest of poor Hindus whose ancestors fled from Bangladesh.

Similarly to Devdutta’s pathfinder Mr. Tapan Ghosh, even his fundamental belief is to defend the royal values like gender equality, co-existence and quest for knowledge. He had nailed his effort in empowering the Hindu to defeat the Jihadist and bring a friendly peaceful society for a developed Bharat.

As an advocate of Hindu tribals, Devdutta Maji firmly believes – “Hindu Tribals and Schedule Caste are the Kshatriyas who defends the faith.” He helps to run an orphanage for poor tribals to emancipate them as upcoming community force of future.

Mr. Maji made a momentous visit to Israel in 2018 when the Israel heroes accorded an enormous welcome. Keeping aside the local administration hostility he also planned and executed two major rallies in support of Israel to protest the Islamists who are the greatest threat for both Jews and Hindus. The first was with 20,000 people in 2014 to symbolize the support for Israel and the other in 2018 to epitomize the unanimity of two ancient nations was much bigger with 70,000 people (considered the largest pro- Israel rally out of Israel in history). Devdutta personally thinks – “Israel is a beautiful nation, a light and hope in the troubled and dark middle east, where fundamental human values are protected from neighbors where intolerance reigns supreme.”

To protect Dharma his endeavors didn’t stopped within Bharat. In early 2018, his remarkable visit to Bali where Dharma has endured despite odds, had successfully earned the vows of a billion Hindus to save the Hindu civilization there.

Apart from an accomplished entrepreneur, Devdutta’s concern and work for the Hindu Samaj and the faith keeper of Hindutva have made him the person near to heart for both the suffering Hindus as well as large section of the general Hindu Samaj.

Presently, Devdutta is the founder President of Singha Bahini organization, to serve the Hindu Samaj more dedicatedly and be the dearer & nearer to the Hindu believers. This man is boosting up the Hindu Samaj with all his tenacious exertion to save ethics of Hindu Dharma and Bharat Mata.

Inspired by his remarkable work this site is dedicated to Mr. Devdutta Maji by his Tribal Friends

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